16 March 2011

(Somewhat) Random Thoughts

I've been playing around with my blog design to find something that seemed to be more representative of the vision I had in mind.  This is what I came up with.  Tell me what you think...really!

In addition to the above, I designed another blog (which I posted about previously) so I can contain my bookish observations, reviews, lists, etc.  They are overflowing out of me, and it has gotten to the point where I'm posting more regularly along that line than along the various other meanderings of my brain.  Of course, I've been reading a lot (more) lately, which I suppose could account for that.

With regard to the reading a lot, if you have read something that you think is fabulous, tell me about it.  Tell me here, or at Bookish Nerd, or on Facebook, or through email, or (gasp) we could talk on the phone.  I know, that's practically out of fashion anymore, but still...you could text. LOL

As I'm looking around, I note that I'm sitting in the living room that is absolutely chaotic with the detritus of a 5-year-old boy who is on spring break.  A barn, animals, books, DVDs, animals, PlayMobil (teeny tiny) pieces, Buzz Lightyear, animals, Sheriff Woody, Jessie, animals, a dinosaur camo throw, tractors pulling wagons filled with (have I mentioned this before??) animals.  What is miraculous about this is that I haven't blown a gasket as he sits absorbed in The Land Before Time and completely content with the state of things.  This is something that bothers...really bothers...me.  To the point that I can't relax until order is restored, and yet my darling son - so like his father - can be completely at ease in the midst of it.  Just push it over to the side if you need the space.  No problem...he's going to use (play with) each item at some point...this week...ya know, so let's not be putting things away unnecessarily.  I mean, you should see his bed.  It can be made neatly, with a few of his stuffed animals settled strategically for a warm & inviting sleeping environment, and as I peak in before heading to my own bed, every stuffed animal he owns is piled (PILED) at the head of his bed, and he is sleeping in some cockeyed position, snuggled within the pile, and possibly with some part of his body hanging off the bed.  Now when I say that he reminds me somewhat (as does my husband at times) of Pigpen in the Charlie Brown comics, who constantly has this little dirt cloud swirling behind him, you can visualize the trail of belongings that follows my son wherever he goes.  It goes beyond my threshold for clutter, and yet...well...he's 5.

Since I promised said darling 5-year-old boy (who has informed me he is hungry) that I would prepare dinner at 6:00p, and he has been watching the clock, and I am now 9 minutes past my promise, I will stop and attend to him.

Until next time.


  1. I love the look and the name of your blog! Very original :)

  2. I like it - looks very casual and family-oriented. And that touch of western cowboy theme that I can't imagine your family without. :) The slideshow feature is interesting, too. Is it going to be inspirational or are you tucking in some of your photos, too? (hmmmm - that's not exactly what I meant - but you understand!)

  3. I haven't worked on tweaking the slide feature yet, so I don't know. I really just wanted it to be visually appealing and interesting, so I'm glad you like it.