24 March 2011

Power of Prayer

I am humbled and grateful to have friends whose faith is strong and who will cover me up in prayer when I ask.  I am thankful that, when their need for being lifted up to God for an extra measure of grace, they do not hesitate to ask.  We know the power of prayer...and of those who go to their knees on our behalf.  We covet that kind of care.  We crave the circle of protection that surrounds us when those we love and who love us raise our concerns to God.

And so I ask...

Please pray...
...for my friends who are coping with loss and grief...and with time moving forward (too fast)
...for my friends who are dealing with parenting challenges, and finding it difficult to know just what to do
...for my friends who have moved so far from their families & friends, and are now creating new circles
...for my friends who are expecting new and precious children
...for my friends who are struggling with the newness of parenthood, and all that it entails
...for my friends who are searching for a lift in depression, an answer for emotional anxieties, or a cure for debilitating illnesses
...for my friends who are burdened with hardships that they do not share
...for my friends who feel the need to make changes, but are unsure of how to proceed
...for my friends who feel trapped by mistakes or decisions of the past, especially when what lies before them seems bleak
...for my friends who are carrying anger, bitterness, grudges & pain...and who can't release them on their own
...for my friends who are not believers

And finally...
...for my husband...for safety in his business travels, for ease in job stresses, for rest when he needs it, and for renewed physical & mental energy at the start of each day
...for my 5 1/2 year old son...for ears that hear, a heart that is kind & full of love for God, and an attitude of willingness & thankfulness
...for me...for patience, for learning to let go of anger, for motivation to make needed changes, for more energy, for doing better at caring for those who are entrusted to me, for a graceful & merciful attitude, and for an increased measure of faith that God will never fail me.

I ask humbly, and likewise commit to doing the same for you.

Psalm 6:9...The LORD has heard my plea; the LORD accepts my prayer.

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