07 July 2011

Revamping the "To Do" List

My "To Do" List looks a little something like this:

1. Pack, pack, pack, pack.
2. blood work - procrastinating...
3. Mammogram - again, procrastinating...
4. Haircut / color - this short hair is awesome, but the haircuts come much more frequently.
5. Did I mention packing?
6. Fold / put away laundry (or perhaps pack it...)
7. Clean as I pack (yay...so fun) --> Today's job!  BLECH!!
8. Do some fun things with the young man.
9. Get my coupons in order - and continue collecting - so I can start using them the "right" way. ;-)
10. Pack the house up so we can move.  Have I mentioned that?
11. Exercise - more? again? regularly?  Lifetime Fitness IS cool...
12. Take my computer back to the repair shop to fix the power plug AGAIN.
13. Get the young man signed up for swim lessons at the Verrado pool (since Lifetime has a wait list).
14. Cook and freeze spaghetti sauce. Rescheduled...yay!
15. We moved to our new house on July 16.  UNpacking has commenced...and will continue until everything has a place, or a new owner, or a price on it for our upcoming (and very necessary) garage sale.  We have too much stuff!

WHERE is my motivation today.


Oooooooohhhhhhhhh....there's a good book to read! EXCEPT THAT I'VE LOST IT!  {found it under the newspapers when I was packing)

(REALLY easily distracted)


  1. Ummm...I think you might have left 'packing' off of your list. :) Are sure you don't need to start packing since you're moving in less than 2 weeks? Ha ha! J/K