13 December 2010

The (Unplanned) Christmas Tree

The tree!
DPP #9

I want a hippopotamus for Christmas.  Only a hippopotamus will do!
DPP #8

This was the must have ornament for our 5yo son, around which our entire (small) tree is decorated.  We were not originally going to have a tree, considering we are in transition AND we will not even be home this year, but the Christmas spirit of a 5yo is irrepressible, and thus, we now have a hippopotamus ornament and the coordinating tree to go with it.


  1. I must have missed where you are going to be? Moving? Vacation? For Christmas, I mean...

  2. We will be in Pennsylvania for Christmas - visiting Phil's family. Our next move will only be from a rental into whatever home we eventually purchase here in AZ, so we're hoping that our TN house sells fairly quickly.