21 December 2010

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Books I Hope Santa Brings

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

In no particular order, here are the top ten books I would love to get for Christmas this year.  I doubt that I will get any, but it's nice to wish nonetheless.  Of course, a little $$ and time for a trip to the used book store would accomplish the same thing.  Either way...Santa??!!

  1. On Writing (unabridged audio cd) by Stephen KingI have wanted to listen to this book since I became aware of it.  I am a long time Stephen King fan, and have come to enjoy listening to his books more than reading them as I have gotten older.  Certain authors, I believe, lend themselves to the aural experience, and King is one of those.
  2. Those Who Save Us by Jenna Blum
    I actually got this book for Christmas...thank you, me!
  3. Riding Lessons and Flying Changes by Sara Gruen
    Ever since I read (listened to) Water for Elephants earlier this year, I have been wanting to read others by Gruen, and these seem a natural choice.  They might as well be one book, as far as I'm concerned, due to their common protagonist and story line.
    Got the second one before the first one, and still looking for a used copy of Riding Lessons.
  4. Ape House: A Novel by Sara Gruen
    I love Gruen's writing style.  Water for Elephants was compelling and riveting, and I am hoping that other novels will prove to be equally good.
  5. In Cold Blood by Truman Capote
    One of the classics I have not read, and feel should definitely be on my list for 2011.
    Thanks to a FAB gift card to Amazon, I got the unabridged audiobook, and the audiobook of Mark Twain's autobiography as well!!  Can't wait!!
  6. Great Expectations (unabridged audio cd) by Charles Dickens
    I have (unbelievably) not read this novel...never required in all my schooling, and since I studied primarily American Lit, it was never on a required reading list for me.  This is one I plan to listen to, as I have found I enjoy some of the denser classics much more in an audio format.
  7. Moby Dick (unabridged audio cd) by Herman Melville
    Considering that my degrees are in English & heavy on American lit, how is it possible that I never read Moby Dick??  Thus ditto the above regarding denser classics being better (for me) in an audio format.
    I have an abridged version, which I will listen to if I can't find an unabridged copy.  :-(
  8. The Social Climber of Davenport Heights by Pamela Morsi
    I thoroughly enjoy her books - they are light, fun and just right for a reading respite between some of the heavier choices.
  9. Decision Points by George W. Bush
    I bought this book for my dad for Christmas, and am rather envious, so hopefully a copy will be coming my way (or my dad will make a long term loan when he is finished).
  10. Any unabridged audiobooks by Nevada Barr or James Lee Burke that I have not read yet.  These are books I listen to with my husband when we are on road trips, and it is a really cool thing to share.  Plus, I particularly enjoy Will Patton's narration of Burke's Dave Robicheaux series.  He is outstanding, and it makes for a really rich "reading" experience.

Well, there they are!  Maybe I'll get a surprise or two this Christmas!


  1. I absolutely loved In Cold Blood.

  2. Did you get any of these books this Christmas? Or were you surprised?