05 November 2010

Did I mention previously that I make lists...a lot? Well, I decided to create a bucket list, hopes that as I revisit this list over the days, weeks, months, or years, I will begin to see things get checked off, and have a sense of fulfillment that I have LIVED my life, and not just let it pass me by in a blur. It's a list in progress...always...and I hope never to "finish" but rather to fill my existence with meaningful experiences.

1. Vacation in Australia
2. Live in a foreign country
3. Adopt a child
4. Donate hair to Locks of Love (done...twice)
5. See Mount Everest...in person
6. Read the bulk of the classics (I'm not even close)
7. Get a ring finger tattoo & a toe tattoo...and maybe others
8. Write, and get paid for it
9. Run a 10k
10. Learn to kayak
11. Lose...and not gain back...my excess weight
12. Learn another language
13. Learn to knit & crochet
14. Live out my convictions on a daily basis
15.Reach a point where my inside & my outside match, and thus become the person God created me to be
16. Skydive (again)
17. Hike in the Grand Canyon (I hiked...sort of...on the rim)
18. Learn to pilot a helicopter
19. Develop a thicker skin
20. Travel...travel...travel
22. Live in a more intentional way, instead of just meandering through the days.
23. See the Seven Wonders of the World...depending on which list you're looking at, I've seen two: Big Ben, Grand Canyon.


  1. Yah! For your blog...I'm struggling with doing one myself.
    As for your bucket list - I'm with you on several of those!

  2. Becki, the one thing that has helped me get started is to tweak things I've already posted elsewhere and post them here. It starts me thinking again, it get's something posted here, and it will hopefully be the catalyst to more writing. It's a stop & start thing, all the time, for me.